season repertoire 2021-22

J.S. Bach 
French Suite No.5 in G Major BWV 816

Partita No.1 in B-Flat Major BWV 825

Partita No.3 for Solo Violin (arr. Rachmaninoff)

B. Bartok 

Suite Op.14

L. van Beethoven

Sonata in D Major Op.28 "Pastoral"

Sonata in D Minor Op.31 No.2 "Tempest"
Sonata in F Major Op.54

F. Chopin 
Ballade No.4 in F Minor Op.52
Nocturne in F-Sharp Major Op.15 No.2
Nocturne in A-Flat Major Op.32 No.2

Polonaise in C Minor Op.40 No.2

Scherzo No.3 in C-Sharp Minor Op.39

Avner Dorman

Snakes and Ladders (2012)

C. Debussy 


Images Book I

G. Gershwin

Three Preludes

L. Gottschalk

The Banjo

J. Haydn 

​Sonata in D Major Hob.XVI:33

Sonata in E Minor Hob.XVI:34 


F. Liszt 



F. Poulenc

Trois Pièces

Florence Price



S. Rachmaninoff

Selected Preludes Op.32

Selected Etudes-Tableaux Op.33

Selected Etudes-Tableaux Op.39

Six Moments Musicaux Op.16 ​


R. Schumann 

Symphonic Etudes Op.16 


A. Scriabin 

Preludes Op.16

I. Stravinsky

Etude Op.7 No.4


J. Sibelius 


Valse Triste Op.44 

Complete Repertoire


R. Addinsell

Warsaw Concerto 

J.S. Bach

Keyboard Concerto No.4 in A Major

S. Barber 
Piano Concerto Op.38 

B. Bartók 
Piano Concerto No.3 in E Major Sz.119 

L. van Beethoven 
Piano Concerto No.3 in C Minor Op.37

Piano Concerto No.4 in G Major Op.58
Choral Fantasy Op.80 

F. Chopin

Piano Concerto No.2 in F Minor Op.21

Avner Dorman (b.1975)

Concerto in A

Piano Concerto (2021 Commission)


C. Franck

Variations Symphonique M.46


G. Gershwin

Rhapsody in Blue

E. Grieg 
Piano Concerto in A Minor Op.16 

J. Haydn

Keyboard Concerto No.11 in D Major 

P. Hindemith

Piano Concerto (1945)


J. Kuusisto (b.1974)

Piano Concerto (2016)


F. Liszt 

Totentanz S.126 


H. Litolff

Scherzo from Concerto Sinfonique No.4 


W. A. Mozart 

Piano Concerto No.13 in C Major K.415

Piano Concerto No.23 in A Major K.488 


S. Palmgren

Piano Concerto No.2 “The River” 


S. Prokofiev 

Piano Concerto No.1 in D-Flat Major Op.1 


S. Rachmaninoff 

Piano Concerto No.2 in C Minor Op.18

Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini Op.43 

R. Schumann

Piano Concerto in A Minor Op.54

K. Szymanowski

Symphony No.4 "Symphonie Concertante" Op.60

Jeajoon Ryu (b.1970)

Piano Concerto (2017) - World Premiere Recording for Warner Classics "Möbius"/ European Tour with KBS Symphony (Korea) at the 2019 Beethoven Easter Festival, Poland 

A. Scriabin

Piano Concerto in F-Sharp Minor Op.20


D. Shostakovich 

Piano Concerto No.1 in C Minor Op.35 ​