"His focus on tone, structure, harmony, technique, dynamic diversity and more has been extremely valuable and his approach to artistic works truly inspiring."

 - Lucia from Malta


I teach exclusively on the Play With A Pro platform (click on the icon to the right to access the site). The platform connects to all of your audio and video devices seamless, and provides excellent quality for a seamless lesson. 

In my 20+ years of piano education, I have been able to study with some of the world's leading professors, pedagogues, and concert pianists. This list includes my main mentors, Robert McDonald and Emanuel Ax, as well as Alexander Korsantia, Robert Levin, Stephen Hough, Vladimir Feltsman, Julia Mustonen-Dahlkvist, William Smiddy, Arie Vardi, Susan Starr, and many others. 


My teaching experience includes masterclasses at the University of Houston, Helsinki Conservatory, Turku Conservatory, Sonata Piano Camp (VT), and others. 


My extensive performance experience and long list of mentors has shaped my understanding and approach to music. I would love to pass down this knowledge to pianists of all ages who are looking to improve. 


My main goal is to get right to the heart of the music and encourage students to find their own voice in the crowd. The foundation of a pianist's technique is not only finger dexterity, but also the concepts of beauty of sound, touch variance, pulse control, wrist/hand/arm movements, and many other fundamental skills. I explore these concepts with my students so that they will have the necessary tools at their disposal to learn effIciently and independently.