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Musiikkia! Ruovesi Solo Recital - August 13, 2021
Sofia Magdalena Church, Ruovesi, Finland

"An authentic interpreter of Finnish music has arrived from the United States. Melemed played straight to the hearts at Ruovesi Music Festival."

"Melemed's sense of playing style, touch sensitivity and naturalness of phrasing conjured up great experience of the small character pieces..." (Sibelius Op.101)

"Isn't this enough as a sample for a permanent residence permit?"

               Harri Hautala/Aamulehti (8/14/21)
American Pianists Awards Recital - May 24, 2021
Indiana Landmarks Center, Indianapolis, IN

"An indubitable success...movingly rendered."


"The distinctiveness of Bach, Bartok, Schumann, and Laura Kaminsky was projected throughout with unflagging commitment and deep understanding."

               Jay Harvey Upstage (5/24/21)
Turku Philharmonic Orchestra - February 18, 2021 
Turku Concert Hall, Turku, Finland
Scriabin: Piano Concerto Op.20 / Leif Segerstam, conductor

"In Thursday’s online concert, Melemed conjured up stunning contrasts to Scriabin’s airy and rippling piano concerto: sometimes delicately dreaming, sometimes stretching the intensity a little more beyond the phrase boundary. He played with precision and diligence, never in the spirit of self-worthiness, but rather his music specifically served to convey a meaningful musical idea."

               Turun Sanomat (2/19/21)
Gilmore Rising Stars Recital - September, 2020
Wellspring Theatre, Kalamazoo, MI

"To say it was a success would be a grave understatement, for it was nothing short of thrilling" 

"Exquisite management of silence"

"Perhaps most unforgettable was Johann Sebastian Bach’s Partita No. 1... Melemed exhibited his deep emotional connection through his nimble fingers that danced on the if his two hands belonged to different players, such was the distinct character of his interpretation and the physicality of the performance."

"Beyond the extraordinary artistry on display that changed the energy and mood if not the temperature in the room, the gift of Mackenzie Melemed’s performance Sunday afternoon was that it reignited the imagination of those experiencing it — whether in the theater or at home."

Review West Michigan (link)

Melemed in Hämeenlinna, Finland - January 26, 2020
Vanaja Recital Hall, Verkatehdas Event Center
Solo Recital (Beethoven, Gershwin, Gottschalk, Poulenc, Rachmaninoff, Scriabin)
Many shades of color, levels of sound, clarity of articulation, handling of rhythm - the list could go on a long time. There is rarely an opportunity to hear a performance where complete control of technique exists in the hands of a pianist who serves, first and foremost, a musical purpose.                Hämeen Sanomat (1/27/20)
Melemed in Vaasa, Finland - January 23, 2020
Mozart Piano Concerto No.13 with Vaasa City Orchestra
James Lowe, conductor
[Melemed] amazed with a sparkling performance. His sound glittered like the summer sun on the sea. With sophisticated musicianship and untiring technique, Melemed conquered the full-hearted audience; just as the concerto once conquered Vienna.
                Ilkka Newspaper (1/25/20)

The melodies of Melemed's fearless and distinctly grinning interpretation emphasized the life and beauty of each phrase. Melemed's collaboration with the conductor James Lowe and the orchestra was excellent.

               Vasabladet (1/25/20)